Trends in Technology

Trends In Technology

In today’s ever changing world of technology, if you’re not ahead of the curve – you are behind! It has becoming increasingly more important to stay on top of tech trends so you and your company don’t get lost or fade into the background. The ability to anticipate trends is what sets the successful technology companies apart, and how they use these trends to their advantage is what puts the cream of the crop at the top of their game.


In recent years we have seen a massive increase in video content across all social media platforms, and even making its way directly onto the landing and homepages of many technology websites. Relatable, interesting and original video content is king! According to social media statistics and analytics, posts with innovative video content are 10 times more likely to be viewed, clicked and convert into traffic on the site they are advertising for.

Another trend that is rapidly becoming more important to companies media and marketing is how genuine and relatable the content is. Gone are the days when mass produced, copy paste articles will merit a click through. Audiences need to feel a connection to the content, and to care about the company before they are likely to get involved with it.

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