Looking to boost your company’s productivity? Arc9.com knows that creative teams are far more productive with all the tools they need in one single workflow, so we’ve built the perfect platform to help you create better and faster, together! Use these simple tips from LifeHack.org along with the amazing tools on Arc9.com to make your team more productive!


  1. Take a break. You can’t always be working at optimum productivity. Instead, you should shoot for working in short bursts at your most productive times.

    2. Set a timer for each of your tasks.

    3. Eliminate all distractions. This includes the phone, email notifications, and having multiple web browsers open on the desktop.

    4. Distractions should be avoided, but sometimes a bit of music in the background can help you focus. Of course, it doesn’t need to be heavy rock music, but a bit of Beethoven may do you some good.

    5. Love what you do. Enjoying what you do is the ultimate way to increase your productivity.