Arc9 + Slack Integration


We are excited to announce that we have launched an amazing new Integration – Arc 9 + Slack is a match made in creative collaboration heaven, and together we are brilliant!

Now you can integrate your creative review and approvals, file sharing & conversions, presentations and management for all your creative media. You can sync your projects to new or existing slack channels and manage all of your creative workflow in one place!

“Every action in Arc 9 is automatically posted in Slack”

Every action in Arc 9 from uploads, review/approval, and presentations are automatically synced with Slack. You get instant notifications of everything making the creative process seamless and faster.

In addition, Screenhero adds a whole new feature set to Arc 9. Invite your team through Slack to Screenhero and your clients too. Launch your team into live review sessions and playback videos and draw on full resolution videos and images.

Customize slack for each project and your team will know everything going on in your creative workflow.

To Set up Slack integration:

  1. Log into your Arc 9 account and go to your projects tab.
  2. Click on the cog of each project
  3. Then click add to slack
  4. Select your Slack account and the authorize.
  5. Select the Slack Channel/Project you want from the pull down.